Monarch Butterflies

• February 11th, 2014 •

I am in Pismo, Ca today and my hubby is otherwise occupied. My girlfriend, Cheryl, and I decided to go exploring while the men were in meetings. We heard that a couple of miles away in a grove of eucalyptus, there were thousands of monarch butterflies. We decided to check it out, and it did not disappoint. I didn’t know too much about monarch butterflies before today. I knew they looked beautiful and delicate, but I had no idea how tough they really are. They are also quite the romantics. When they are ready to mate, the male butterfly checks out the females, then when he finds one he likes they start flirting (on the ground). When she decides he is the one, she folds her wings up to give him the signal. He then, very carefully, picks her up and, fluttering his wings like mad, he carries her up into the trees for the night. No joke. The park rangers were telling us and we witnessed it, more than once.

It was such an enchanting afternoon watching them flit and flutter all over. The grove of eucalyptus trees smelled so fresh and wonderful, and even though it was pretty cool, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

monarch butterfly sign

flying monarch butterflies

clusters of monarch butterflies

Here are all the butterflies clustering in the trees.

butterflies in the trees

butterfly sign

the biology of a butterfly

butterfly migration

butterflies thru a telescope

Here is a close up of the monarch butterflies thru a telescope.

butterflies thru a telescope 2

Another view.

butterflies mating

Here are the two lovebugs flirting.

butterfly flying

Here they are flying away to his love nest.


Here is a crystalis.

monarch cattepillar

Here is a baby monarch butterfly, aka a catepillar!


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