Friday Night in Spearfish

• August 2nd, 2014 •

Friday night in Spearfish is something all locals look forward to in the summer. They close off Main Street to cars, bring in booths, food and beverages. Each week they have a different band playing. We walk there and that way we don’t have to deal with parking. Besides it is a nice walk . This week, being the week before the Sturgis Bike Rally, the people watching was extra good. We have seen tribute bands and local bands and even if they aren’t always the best, the sense of community makes it all worth while. Well, also the food and drinks help too. As newbies to the community, this is a great way for us to meet people.

This week was odd because there were less locals and more tourists and bikers. We have learned that the locals either embrace the Rally or high tail it out of town until it’s over. We are excited to see it in all its glory! I love people watching and this is going to be a hoot! In fact we met a great gal named Christine who had an amazing tattoo on her back. She had rode in from Idaho and had a great story about her tattoo. The tree represented both her past life with the love of her life who died early in their marriage, and her future. I asked her if I could take a photo of her back and you’ll see what she did in the photo.

I will be posting photos of the rally as the week goes on, but here are some photos from Friday night in Spearfish.

friday night in spearfish

The bikers are coming to town.


friday night in spearfish

Some of them are just beautiful!


friday night in spearfish

Intricate details.


bike on friday night in spearfish

Another kind of two wheeler.


friday night in spearfish

Friday night in Spearfish.


friday night in spearfishMy hubby.


friday night in spearfish

Never seen this kind of kegger!


friday night in spearfish

A pizza oven on wheels.


friday night in spearfish

The band played on.


friday night in spearfish

Here is Christine’s tattoo. She just whipped off her dress so I could get a full photo.  She is a free spirit and a great gal.

If you get a chance and are in our area, don’t miss Friday night in Spearfish, you won’t be disappointed! This farm girl city girl sure wasn’t!




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