Winner is Announced!

• December 30th, 2014 •

I am proud to say, a winner is announced on Farm Girl City Girl for the Someone’s In The Kitchen gift card! The winner is (more…)

Important News!

• December 20th, 2014 •

Important News! It has just come to my attention that the subscribe button is not available. I will get it fixed asap. But for now, just go to contact and send me an email and I will put you in manually. so sorry about that. Have a great day!

Someone’s In The Kitchen

• December 18th, 2014 •

Hi all! I”m back after a very busy few weeks. Today I am offering a giveaway from my favorite store, Someone’s In The Kitchen. This store, owned by Ashley, is the most fabulous kitchen store I have ever been in. They have every (more…)

Wild Horse Sanctuary

• October 29th, 2014 •

So, a couple of weeks ago, we went to the Wild Horse Sanctuary in Hot Springs, South Dakota. It was one of the coolest things I’ve done! It is a 13,000 acre preserve with wild mustangs running free. The gentleman that opened it about 20 years ago is 89 years old. Dayton O. Hyde bought (more…)

Fall is in the air, and the house

• October 10th, 2014 •

Fall is in the air, and the house. There is nothing better than Fall. The crisp air and the changing leaves give us all fair warning that Winter is coming. Of course, we have Autumn to enjoy until Winter sets in. It also marks (more…)

Buffalo Run

• October 2nd, 2014 •

Last Friday, we experienced the Custer State Park Buffalo Run. It was in a word, awesome! To watch over a thousand buffalo run past you in a thundering herd is amazing. This event happens once a year in an effort to inoculate the heard, brand any calves, and to get an idea of the overall (more…)

Canning 101

• August 26th, 2014 •

Last night I went back to school. Well, not really. But I did take a class, a cooking class, Canning 101. I took the class for two reasons. One, I wanted to learn how to can. And two, I will be doing several cooking classes there myself and I wanted to see someone else and how they ran their class. I have canned before with my mom years ago. I was young and don’t really remember to much of the technical side, just that we had a peach tree on steroids and we would can peaches like mad in the summer. My good friend Vicky and I have canned jelly and jams. I was drinking as much wine as we were putting in the jelly, so I am not to sure about the technical side of it. (Do you see a pattern?) So, I decided it was about time to really learn about this tradition of preserving food through canning. And you know what? It is pretty darn simple if you follow some basic rules.

1. Only use your lids once.

2. Sterilize your jars and lids and make sure your canning pot is full of boiling water.

3. Use fruit and vegetables at their prime.

4. Don’t drink while you can. (I made up that one)

I was enthralled by Joyce, who was our instructor at Someone’s in the Kitchen. She was not only knowledgeable, but charming and funny too.  She owns Willow Springs B and B with her husband. I can’t wait to stay there! So back to the canning. I am going to try my hand at canning tomorrow, so look for a post to follow soon after. This is going to be my first try at pickling veggies.

canning 101

This was the view from my seat in Canning 101. I can hardly wait for tomorrow to delve into this world of preserving.

Tour Guide

• August 23rd, 2014 •

We spent this past week being a tour guide for visiting family. They have 3 boys, ages 8, 4,  and 2. We were very busy. And I mean busy. These boys were tireless. We did everything, and saw everything. We ran in sprinklers, played in the dirt, watched lightening light up the (more…)

Deer, Deer, Everywhere!

• August 16th, 2014 •

The other day I was on  the phone with a friend and out of the corner of my eye I saw deer, deer, everywhere! There were three baby deer running all over the yard. They were running back and forth between my yard and the neighbors. They were having so much fun. After a bit, (more…)

Friday Night in Spearfish

• August 2nd, 2014 •

Friday night in Spearfish is something all locals look forward to in the summer. They close off Main Street to cars, bring in booths, food and beverages. Each week they have a different band playing. We walk there and that way we don’t have to deal with parking. Besides (more…)