Photo Effects

• September 22nd, 2014 •

It has been a long, long, long time since I posted anything in the photography section. Of course every post has photos in it, so technically every post could be in the photo posting gallery. Anyway, we went to Custer State Park last week and we stopped on the side of the rode to photograph a field. It was breathtaking! It got me thinking about the different kinds of photo effects (more…)

Are You an Artist?

• August 11th, 2012 •

As a writer, cook and owner of a photography studio, people have always called me creative. I dabble in crafts and love to knit, so I see myself as creative. I never would have considered myself an artist because to me, an artist was a painter, an illustrator or anyone who created art. But today at a photography seminar, (more…)

Top 10 Flicker Photos of the Olympics

• August 7th, 2012 •

I, as many of you, have been glued to the Olympics. I love the pomp and circumstance and the competitiveness of each athlete. I was browsing through Flicker today and came across some great photos from the Olympics. I thought (more…)

Photos From The Car

• May 31st, 2012 •

I had meant to post this article and photos weeks ago, but got sidetracked with cooking and other projects. So, I am posting it now because as summer approaches, more and more people will be taking off on road trips of their own. Unless you have months to take off (more…)


• May 11th, 2012 •

One thing I really love about photography is the vast amount of subject matter and point of view. It really is endless. With the ease of the internet and photo sharing, we can all view each others photographs. I love the site called Flickr, and I am sure many of you have been on it. I have an app on my IPAD for Flickr that shows some of the most popular photographs that have been posted. Some of them are amazing, (more…)

Photographing in the Sequoias

• April 5th, 2012 •

I want to start this post by confessing two facts about my photographic skills. I am not a professional photographer, meaning that I concentrate on the sales and marketing divisions of the studio. Second, I consider my photoshop skills to still be in the investigative stage. With that said, I do love taking photographs and playing with them. I was looking through my photographs from my last vacation. (more…)

Fun Photos

• March 21st, 2012 •

When you own your photography studio, you spend a lot of time photographing your customers or their needs. Although this is the name of the game, we rarely get to just have fun behind the camera, and just photograph for our own enjoyment. This was a rare day when we just had fun in the studio creating fun photos. Below are some of our fun photos with Hope, our beloved employee, who is really more of a daughter than a worker. She not only takes care of all my paperwork and receipts, she keeps us laughing all day long. I am already dreading the day she goes away to college. The other wonderful girl is Lauren, our granddaughter and also a worker bee at the studio. She keeps her grandfather up to date on everything and makes sure he never misses an appointment or a meeting. I would be lost without these two young women. They keep us on our toes! (more…)