Baby Fawn

• July 30th, 2014 •

A few days ago we awoke to find 2 young bucks and a baby fawn in our yard. The two boys grazed and ate apples while the baby fawn stayed close behind. There were no females in the area, and when the bucks moved on, the baby stayed. We noticed the little guy, or gal, seemed lost and finally just curled up outside our bedroom window. When we first moved in, the grass was very high and we noticed that in the mornings the grass behind our bedroom looked like it had been bedded down by deer. We think the little guy may have been born back there and felt safe. He stayed most of the day until I couldn’t stand myself and I tried for a closer look. He watched me for a while and then decided to take off. An hour later he was back. At dusk we saw a doe wandering around and although we never saw them together, we didn’t see the fawn the next morning. I hope they simply got separated and then reunited. But, it sure was a kick to have that baby fawn in our yard all day. Here are some photos I snapped. Of course, Tony’s are much better and hopefully I’ll post a few later on.

buck in the yard and baby fawn

Here is the first buck as he meandered thru our yard.


munching with the baby fawn

Here is the other buck. Their antlers were like velvet.


male deer and baby fawn

They love the apple tree!


baby fawn

Here is the baby fawn munching on leaves.


baby fawn

And here he is resting. He or she was adorable.


bunny and baby fawn

This little guy was hanging around all day too. Reminded me of Bambi and Thumper!

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